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Teeth Whitening

164125777Dentist supervised home whitening

If you are looking for a solution to your dull looking teeth, we can help them appear noticeably brighter with our dentist supervised home whitening treatment. This uses a gentle chemical process to combat discoloration that may have been caused by smoking, diet, medication, trauma or ageing.

After an initial dental assessment, we will take impressions of your teeth so customised trays can be produced to fit comfortably and snugly for optimum results. We will tell you how to use these with a lightening gel and you will wear them at home for short periods each day – allowing you to whiten your teeth in your own time. After a few weeks, you will have a follow-up appointment to check your teeth have been successfully lightened.

Even though you wear the mouth trays at home, we supervise the whole process, keeping a close, professional eye on your teeth. Dentist supervised home whitening is a superior alternative to over-the-counter kits because the mouth trays are designed to be the perfect fit and the gel has improved lightening power.

After treatment, you can help maintain whiter teeth by avoiding food and drink that may stain, and brushing your teeth regularly.

Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution but you can purchase more gel to use with your trays if you fancy a top-up.

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Enjoy the confidence of a whiter smile!

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