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Traditional messy impressions are being replaced with highly accurate digital images from our new ITERO ELEMENT 2 scanner.

Itero technology uses digital 3 D images of the patients mouth and can be used to create a range of different dental devices

The technology ensures the impressions are extremely accurate, less messy, faster and eliminate the need for remakes.

Devices made using the scanner usually fit the mouth very well, meaning they are more comfortable and work more effectively.

Uses of digital scans

Monitoring wear:

Time lapse technology allows the dentist to compare a patients historic 3D scan to the present day scan, enabling us to identify and measure tooth wear, gingival recession and orthodontic tooth movements.


The iTero element intramural scanners have been designed to connect with the Invisalign laboratory. We can use the scanner to show our patients what their predicted outcomes of their invisalign treatment. We can also order additional aligners, progress track and make retainers using the scans.

Boutique whitening

Boutique tooth whitening is our premium quality whitening gel what delivers superior results with a noticeable improvement in just a few days.

Our Itero scan is sent to the Boutique whitening laboratory to manufacture Superior fitting whitening trays.


We have relocated to

The Old Stables Dental Practice
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Our telephone number remains the same (01280 847857) as does our email ([email protected]).